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Twitter Archive Feature Rolling Out to More Users; Here’s How to Download Your Tweets

by Brandon Russell | December 19, 2012December 19, 2012 3:00 pm PDT


Twitter’s new feature that allows users to download their entire tweeting history is being pushed out to everyone. All 200 million monthly active users—that’s billions of 140-character quips and gripes and complaints. For whatever possible reason you might have for wanting to keep your thoughts from two or three years ago, downloading your tweets is super simple.

The feature hasn’t yet rolled out to my profile, so I can’t speak from experience, but Twitter has outlined how to go about getting your tweets. Everything is very straight forward: Jump into Settings, and if the your tweets are available, you can request your archive. That’s it.

“If you don’t see that option in Settings today, know that it’s on the way!” Twitter said. Ok, Twitter! I shall wait patiently. Only a small percentage of users whose language is set to English are seeing the option so far. “Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll make it available to all users around the world, for all languages we offer,” Twitter said.


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