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Twitter Says There Are Now 200 Million Active Users

by Brandon Russell | December 18, 2012December 18, 2012 3:00 pm PST


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Twitter on Tuesday announced that the social network surpassed the 200 million active user milestone. Active being the key word. That’s quite a few 140-character daily quips.

As one of the biggest social media services available, Twitter has grown at a tremendous rate, particularly over the course of 2012. The platform has transformed beyond where people merely go to say what they just ate, or what movie they just saw. Twitter is now an influence in world and local news, and an excellent place to communicate with brands and celebrities.

When the service turned six earlier this year, it said there were more than 140 million active users—that’s a 60 million jump in less than twelve months. The platform obviously adds a lot of value to a lot of industries, and will likely continue to grow as it works to add more functionality into the service.


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