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Dark Souls Creator Insists Sequel Will “Stay True to What Fans Expect”

by Ron Duwell | December 18, 2012December 18, 2012 8:00 pm PST


Confusion spread throughout the gaming community when Dark Souls II’s new Creative Director, Tomohiro Shibuya, stated he wanted his game to be “more accessible” than the previous installments of the cult series.

Fans, not wanting to see their difficult franchise gutted for a mass audience, took to the Internet and demanded clarification for what this newcomer to the series meant by his puzzling words. Rather than come out and clarify it himself, series creator and Director of the first two games, Hidetaka Miyazaki, stepped forward hoping the fans would listen to his words.

“Everybody knows what the core of Dark Souls is – the dev team does, the fans do, the media does – and that will never change. I [wouldn’t] really care for Dark Souls VIII to come out. That’s not the point. It’s more, ‘What do the fans want?’ We want to stay true to what they expect.”

Miyazaki is currently one of the biggest names in Japanese action games and one of the hottest developers this side of Platinum Games. It’s a shame he’s not involved in the project, but I’m glad to see the sequel receive his blessing at least.

For his own part, Shibuya insisted that he does not want the overall game to be any easier, but rather he wants newcomers to be able to pick the game up and learn about the Dark Souls series slowly so as not to turn them off.

“Hopefully that adjustment at the very beginning of the game will help draw in players and get them addicted right away without immediately making players feel rejected [by] the game system itself.”

I am of the opinion that anyone who picks up a game with a “2” at the end of the title and expects to have their hands held for an hour or so to get acquainted with said series should probably just go ahead and play the first game. I’m okay with opening the series up to more people, but hopefully whatever beginning, gamer friendly word for “extended tutorial,” Mr. Shibuya has planned will be skippable, so those of us who want to be torn to shreds can jump right back into what we want.

No release information on Dark Souls II as of yet, but Namco Bandai has retained publication rights in America.

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