Apple Pushes OS X 10.8.3 Build Version 12D43 to Developers

by Todd Haselton | December 18, 2012

Apple recently pushed the latest version of its OS X 10.8.3 operating system to developers. The build version is 12D43 and, while it’s clearly an update of some sort, it’s unclear what exactly has been changed at this point.

Apple has reportedly asked developers to dig deeper into Game Center, the drivers used for graphics cards, the Safari Web browser, AirPlay, AirPort support and more. That suggests there are, at the very least, stability and bug fixes, although we hope there are a few surprises in store.

Developers interested in checking out the latest build can find it in Apple’s Developer Center. Please let us know if you find any significant changes and we’ll be sure to update this article with what you find.



Todd Haselton

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