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New YouTube Capture App Lets iPhone Users Upload Videos “Instantly”

by Brandon Russell | December 17, 2012December 17, 2012 5:00 pm PDT


Google recently released a new YouTube Capture app that allows anyone with any iPhone (or iPod touch) to record a video and “instantly” push it to YouTube (although we presume you’ll still need to wait for it to upload). Now sharing embarrassing videos of your friends falling down is that much easier. I can see this being especially popular among parents who want to share video of their kids with family. Or cat videos.

Maybe the best thing about the app is that it doesn’t put up with “Vertical Video Syndrome,” gently reminding users that recording horizontally makes for a better end product. Once a video is captured, users can do some small edits, such as color correction, stabilization, trim the length and add background music. It actually seems pretty well thought out, adding some nice functionality to a free service.

YouTube Capture is only available for iOS right now, with Android availability coming later. Google said users can control who sees their videos—either private, unlisted, or public. Additionally, you can sign into Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to share videos on those networks as well.


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