Samsung’s Elusive ATIV S is Now Available Through Canada’s Bell, Rogers, and Telus

by Brandon Russell | December 15, 2012

samsung-ativ-s-backThe saga of Samsung’s ATIV S has been a strange one. Originally unveiled back in August, the Windows Phone 8 device has lounged behind the more prominent faces such as the Galaxy S III and Note II. We thought we might see it this month, but then rumors claimed the device was facing some delays—maybe into February of next year.

Now, suddenly, the handset is available in Canada through Bell, Rogers, and Telus, and prices are all over the map. On Telus, customers can pick the handset up for just $30 on three-year contract, while Rogers slots the cost up a bit more to $50 with the same contract agreement. For Bell customers the price is an even $100, still with a looooong three-year deal.

Of course, you can opt for the off-contract option, though the device will shoot up to $600 at Bell and Rogers, and $650 on Telus. The device is allegedly in tight supply, so if you plan on picking the handset up, definitely call ahead to see if there’s anything available.



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