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Nintendo 3DS Tops PlayStation 3 Lifetime Sales in Japan

by Ron Duwell | December 13, 2012December 13, 2012 7:30 am PDT

Gaming News from Japan

400k Nintendo 3DS Units Sell Out in Japan in 24 Hours

Let the Japanese market serve as an example and do your best to pre-order a 3DS if you want one on launch. Andriasang posted up a story that linked to the reports of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun which indicate that the 400,000 Nintendo 3DS handhelds that shipped to retail locations across Japan have basically sold […]

75 Japanese Devs Name Fave Games of 2010: Mostly Western Made

In a brief article that appeared on Sokuhou @ Houkanko (Japanese within), 75 Japanese developers were polled to list their favorite games from 2010. Yes, this is the type of thing that feels like it should have been making news in January instead of March, but we’ll let it slide based on the interesting results […]

Fez Dev Says Japanese Games “Suck,” We Disagree

The following bit of a quote came from GDC after a screening of an indie games documentary. Fez developer Phil Fish was part of the Q & A panel present.  An unidentified Japanese games developer, according to Develop, approached the panel during the session and praised the movie and its direction. He went on to ask about […]

It’s a handheld’s market in Japan. All of the production values and most exciting titles from the Land of the Rising Sun are once again bound for a Nintendo platform, and the sales figures are showing the shift.

Not only has the Nintendo 3DS stormed its way up the sales charts over the last two years, it’s managed to overtake a rival company’s HD console. On that had a five year head start. In their home countries, Sony’s PlayStation 3 sold a respectable 8,716,260 units since its release in 2006, but after selling a monstrous 211,499 units over this past week, the Nintendo 3DS has topped the overall lifetime sales of the PS3 with 8,799,378 units sold since its release in February 2011.

It took less than two years for the Nintendo 3DS to top the PlayStation 3’s six years at market in Japan.

No doubt Mario, Monster Hunter, and Pokémon deserve their fair share of the credit so far, and the line-up only looks stronger from here on out for the Nintendo 3DS as well with some heavy hitting JRPGs on the way.

Stateside, we’ll be getting the wave of games which fueled this recent surge after the turn of the year. The games include Fire Emblem: Awakening, Etrian Odyssey 4, and hopefully Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

Nintendo’s newest HD Console, the Nintendo Wii U, sold 308,142 in comparison. It’s also showing strong sales figures early in its lifespan.

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