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Google Says It’s Not Developing Apps for Windows Phone or Windows 8

by Brandon Russell | December 12, 2012December 12, 2012 5:30 pm EST

Windows 8

Google on Wednesday said it has no future plans to build apps for Windows 8 or Windows Phone, claiming that neither has adequate install bases. Harsh, very harsh.

According to Google Apps product management director Clay Bavor, the search giant feels the investment won’t be worth the return, justifying the company’s assessment by saying Google will only go where the users are. In Bavor’s estimation, Microsoft’s Windows platform doesn’t have enough.

Bavor did say that if the upshot changes, the company will reassess its approach and decide whether or not it’s smart to invest. But for now, Google doesn’t have anything to offer for Windows beyond a search app and the Metro version of Chrome. Users can still obviously access Google’s long list of services through the Internet, but it’s not quite as convenient as native apps.

While Google isn’t ignoring Microsoft’s new platforms altogether, it’s interesting the company would say they’re not worthwhile investments. At least for now, Bavor said Google is focused on improving its iOS and Android apps, as well as services such as Drive and Gmail.


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