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Double Fine’s Kinect Party Free From December 18th to 31st

by Joey Davidson | December 12, 2012December 12, 2012 7:30 pm PST

Double Fine proved that they were capable of making great Kinect games when they released Double Fine Happy Action Theater for the controllerless input device earlier this year. It was a collection of mini-games that, and I hate to use a cliché here, was meant to serve up fine for the whole family.

Writing that almost made me cringe.

Kinect Party is the sequel to Happy Action Theater, albeit one that comes with a far less stupendous name. The best part? Between December 18th (the game’s release date) and December 31st, 2012, Double Fine and Microsoft are making this thing completely free.

The price for Kinect Party once the free window closes has not been announced; however, Double Fine Happy Action Theater currently sells for 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

Also, you have to imagine that the dubstep that kicks in towards the end of the trailer was a joke on the part of Double Fine. Dubstep in gaming trailers has become a point of cliche, so much so that Borderlands 2‘s Claptrap regularly makes fun of it in the game’s ads and campaign. From silly family music to wub wubs, the Double Fine choice had to have been a joke.

Mark it down on your calendars, Kinect owners. Kinect Party will be free on December 18th.

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