Apple Allegedly Working on “Top Secret” Bid for Chip Factory in New York State

by Todd Haselton | December 12, 2012

We already know that Apple has intentions to begin manufacturing one line of its Mac computers in the United States next year, but a new report suggests it may also be interested in opening a chip factory in New York state.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently spoke on a radio show and hinted that Apple has pitched the state on building a 3.2 million- square foot factory that will be used to build chips. Cuomo remained super vague when asked about the radio interview, however. “Well, we’re shopping a lot of different companies at any given time,” Cuomo said, according to Times Union. “Apple has a lot of competition, obviously, for their location. I don’t think that they’re anywhere yet in the decision-making.”

Recent speculation has pegged either Intel or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) as replacements for Samsung, which currently builds Apple’s processors for the iPad and iPhone. TimesUnion speculated that TSMC could end up taking up residency in the plant, which would also help the firm boost its U.S. presence. Foxconn, however, has also expressed interest in opening a facility in the U.S.

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