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Metro: Last Light Gets Trailer, Download Metro 2033 for Free

by Joey Davidson | December 11, 2012December 11, 2012 9:00 pm PDT

THQ has released a new “gameplay” trailer for the upcoming Metro: Last Light. I throw “gameplay” in quotes simply because the only real taste of actual gameplay we get is the slow reloading and walking that happens in the first person perspective towards the tail end of the clip.

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Metro: Last Light Live Action Trailer is Epic

Live action trailers for video games, as far as I’m concerned, are never really that good. They don’t do much to show off what’s coming, and it’s for that reason that I always take them lightly. The trailer at the head of this post, however, is engaging. It’s also depressing. The video’s description on YouTube […]

Metro: Last Light’s 13 Minute E3 2012 Gameplay Video

The gameplay clip of Metro: Last Light, released by THQ, rocked a lot of the media and attendees at this year’s E3 convention. As the video indicates, the eyes-on, live demo brought in 20 awards from different publications. “Welcome to Moscow” created some all-too-valuable buzz for Metro‘s next. Now, you can find out why. You’ll also […]

The trailer is decent enough. I’ve personally never been a fan of videos that rely on super fast cuts and flashes in order to give off a sense of suspense or drama. Those things should be built with ambiance in-game, not editing tricks. I prefer the earlier gameplay videos and live-action clips linked to the left. Dig into them when you get a few spare moments.

Also, if you’re reading this article between December 11 and 16, 2012, you can snag a free PC copy of Metro 2033. You’ll need a Facebook account in order to do it. Like this page and follow the directions in order to score a free copy for the PC platform.

You’ll basically be giving THQ the “okay” to hit you with ads for Metro: Last Light. If that’s cool with you, step up and land a free copy of a decent game. Of course, if the Humble THQ Bundle is still running while reading this article, you can get Metro 2033 and a whole lot more for any price you like.

Metro: Last Light is currently set to launch for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms in March of 2013. We’ll have more on the game as it comes.

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