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References to Office for iOS Shows up in Microsoft Support Pages

by Brandon Russell | December 10, 2012December 10, 2012 6:00 pm PST

Microsoft Office 13 - iPad in HandThe concept of Microsoft’s Office suite finding itself on iOS has largely been a dream concept, an ideal based out of want and not necessarily a realistic possibility. But evidence suggesting an actual product has been piling up, and its impending arrival is becoming almost impossible to ignore. So of course, more evidence has popped up, pointing to an existing, forthcoming suite. But when?

Adding to earlier rumors from The Verge, references to Office for iOS applications have been found lurking on Microsoft’s support pages. Now why would they be there is such products didn’t exist? As seen in the screenshot below, found by MacRumors, there are several hints — Office Mobile for iPhone, Excel for iPad, PowerPoint for iPad — that a product is inbound, possibly by early 2013.

When Office for iOS does surface, the suite of apps will supposedly be available for free, with subscription-based models offered for more advanced editing capabilities. Microsoft has yet to say anything of substance regarding Office for iOS, but the evidence certainly suggests something is imminent.



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