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Journey Soundtrack Nominated for Grammy Award

by Ron Duwell | December 6, 2012December 6, 2012 3:00 pm PDT


It’s award season, and the landscape has been set. The frontrunners have been established, and most can guess which game will fall where.

However, this is now a groundbreaking year for the video game industry with a video game up for a mainstream award on national TV for the first time ever. Thatgamecompany’s PSN indie-sensation Journey and its gorgeous soundtrack now have the distinction of being the first video game ever nominated for a Grammy.

The game will compete against huge films like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Hugo, and The Dark Knight Rises in the Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media category.

The game’s composer Austin Wintory is lost for words as he mentions on his Twitter page.

“Well I don’t really have words right now …. I just got a Grammy nomination”

We interviewed Wintory here at TechnoBuffalo before Journey‘s launch.

Journey is already a favorite to take home a lot of awards this year. It is the best reviewed title of 2012 on, and it has been nominated for Game of the Year as well as a handful of other categories at the VGAs. While it would be nice is such a universally beloved title were to take home a handful of annual awards from the usual sites like GameSpot and IGN, I have a sinking suspicion that thatgamecompany would gladly trade in all those awards for the opportunity to make history and take home a Grammy.

As video games become more and more ingrained into our way of life, events like this are likely to occur frequently down the road. Just remember though, it was an indie developer who was able to first break the barrier, not a huge multimillion dollar AAA studio or an annual franchise. I think that’s what makes this story even more special.

The Grammy Awards show will air on February 10th. Be sure to tune in and cheer Journey on to a victory.

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