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#DroidRage Again: Microsoft Wants Tales Of Your Epic Android Malware Fails, Winner Takes A Windows Phone

by Adriana Lee | December 6, 2012December 6, 2012 11:00 am PDT

Oh, Microsoft. No one could accuse you of being a gentler giant. Certainly not Android, which has seen your wrath before, courtesy of that whole #DroidRage campaign. If you’re not familiar with the Windows maker’s campaign last year to corral the worst Android malware horror stories from the public, then buckle your seatbelts, as the company is at it again.

Like last time, Microsoft will award a free handset to the winner with the epic’est — Is that a word? It should be — Android malware fail story. That’s right, a free Windows Phone will go to the poor slob with the worst experience. While we don’t know which device is on deck, we are pretty certain that competition will be fierce. Last year, the promotion was pushed out via BenThePCGuy’s Twitter account, which has ~18,000 followers. Now it’s using the official Windows Phone account to spread the message via 220,000+ followers.

Obviously the company’s engaging in some guerilla marketing tactics by singling out Android security, and implying that users of Windows Phone wouldn’t have such issues. Of course, if you don’t agree (or you’re not amused), then you’ll be interested in the counter movement #WindowsRage.

Classy move, MS. And it’s interesting timing, considering Microsoft’s Windows 8 Pro debacle.

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