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Google Now for Android Updated with Boarding Passes, New Weather, More

by Todd Haselton | December 5, 2012December 5, 2012 8:00 pm PST

Google Now - Travel Cards Update3

Google announced on Wednesday that it has updated the cards that are available in Google Now – the smart software engine that can alert you of sport’s scores, the status of a shipped package and much more.

The software, available as part of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and later, will now provide you with useful travel information. If you’re flying to Santa Monica, for example, it will let you know the local weather at your destination. It’s also smart enough to recognize that you’re about to board a flight and will bring up the QR code for your boarding pass, so you can breeze through security. United Airlines is the only airline supported right now, but additional airlines will be supported soon.

Google also said that, once you land, its Now service will alert you of areas to explore. If you’re in a museum, for example, it might alert you to check out a specific piece with its Google Goggles application. Finally, Google Search — the company’s voice-powered engine that competes with Siri — has been updated with a feature that helps you identify identify a song. All you have to ask is: “what song is playing?”

Google Now is a truly amazing application and it’s super helpful. I use it all the time for alerts on the Brooklyn Nets and the daily weather, and it’s amazing to know that it will now help make travel easier (and more fun) than ever.

[via Google]

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