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Epic Games CEO Mike Capps Retires

by Ron Duwell | December 5, 2012December 5, 2012 3:00 pm PST

Mike CappsAdd another huge figure to the long list of veteran game personnel who have hit the trail this year. After losing lead designers Cliff Bleszinski and Rod Fergusson just a few weeks ago, Epic Games now has long time president Mike Capps also hitting the bricks to pursue more time as a “stay at home Dad.”

On the Epic Community forums, Capps announced his retirement as president of the company, a position which he has held for nearly decade. However, he will remain with Epic as a member of the advisory board.

“After dedicating a decade of my life to Epic, and with so many close friends here, it’s impossible to just walk away. I absolutely love this company…

…Epic founder and CEO Tim Sweeney and other board members asked me to stay on the board, and I’m thrilled to do so as I’m truly excited about our future games and Unreal Engine 4.”

In the meantime, Capps claims he is set to take a long deserved vacation and currently has no plans in the works besides his future son on the way.

“Other than cleaning up baby barf, I don’t have much planned. I might do some teaching, spend more time on creative writing, and maybe get more active with a few charities.”

All the best! He’s certainly earned it.

Capps took over the company in 2002 and has represented Epic Games at major gaming venues ever since. In that time frame, Epic Games has skyrocketed toward the top of the gaming world ladder, creating best-selling series like Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, as well as becoming a leader in graphical power thanks to their immensely popular Unreal Engine. Recently, the company made a successful jump to the iPhone market with the Infinity Blade games.

The company has seen quite a huge mix up this year, though. Along the resignation of three important figures in the company, they purchased Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly, and had a minority share bought out by a Chinese company. No doubt the giant has a lot of questions of its future heading into 2013.

Epic Games has a small line-up of games prepared for the spring, the biggest of them being Gears of War: Judgement.

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