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Mew-Genics Has Over 12 Sextillion Cats

by Ron Duwell | December 4, 2012December 4, 2012 8:00 pm PST


And you thought Borderlands had a lot of guns. Well, 20 million guns is nothing to scoff at, but when put next to what Super Meat Boy developers Team Meat has in the works, it’s a very cute number.

That’s because their latest game, Mew-Genics, features 12,207,031,250,000,000,000,000 different cats, and that is just in appearance alone. Designer Edmund McMillen says that personality traits will multiply his figure by a lot, “not to mention the ability variables, personal stats and a ton more secret stuff we will talk about later on.”

His point is, in Mew-Genics, you will never have the same cat twice, and your friend will certainly never have the same cat either. You have a better chance at wining one of these monster jackpot Power Ball lotteries five times in a row than scoring the same cat. That’s a lot of cats.

Not much about Team Meat’s latest game is known beyond the title’s cast. The genre is unknown, the purpose is unknown. All that we know is that is features a LOT of cats.

The popular indie developers have been teasing fans weekly on “Caturday” updates, each more twisted and demented than the last. More to come as they let us know.

[via Team Meat]

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