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BioShock 2 Joins Free Game Collection via PlayStation Plus

by Ron Duwell | December 4, 2012December 4, 2012 4:00 pm PST


PlayStation Plus continues to be the best value on the market. By this point, members have so many free games that they don’t have the space to keep them on hard drives. At least, that’s my issue with the amazing deals they drop. Not only are they giving away free games, they are giving away excellent games people actually want to play.

The latest is 2K Marin’s unfairly loathed BioShock 2. Many, myself included, labeled this as a unnecessary sequel to one of the great original IPs we’ve seen since the dawn of the current console cycle. Those who played it agreed. This was a tacked on story that totally ruins the closure delivered in the first game.

However, the gameplay itself was a fantastic revamping of Irrational Games’ biggest and best ideas from the first time around. Smoother controls, a larger cast of enemies, more options for growth and development.

We might have never asked for BioShock 2, but now Sony is giving it to us for free. If you’ve moved on from the irrational anger towards pointless sequels and don’t mind sacraficing a little narrative for excellent gameplay, then this is one of the best deals of the month. Even if you do mind that stuff, it’s still one of the best deals of the month since it’s FREE.

Give it a try, or are you afraid to like it? It’s great a great way to get pumped for BioShock: Infinite, which is closer to release than you might think.

PlayStation Plus owners can also get a 10% discount on Rockstar’s Collection Edition 1, which bundles L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and Episodes From Liberty City for just $53.99.

Again, why don’t you have PlayStation Plus yet?

[via CVG]

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