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Jelly Bean is Now on 6.7% of Android Devices, Gingerbread Still Has the Biggest Share

android-distribution-ending-dec-3-2012Google’s latest version of Android, Jelly Bean, is currently on 6.7-percent of devices. It’s not a considerably high amount, but the OS is continuously being molded to support more devices on the market, meaning adoption will only go up going into the new year.

Gingerbread still bosses most of the share, holding more than 50-percent of distribution. That’s a staggeringly high figure considering such high-end devices like the Galaxy S III and One X and Note II are on the market, but the number likely accounts for devices in emerging markets. Or people just don’t like upgrading their phone’s OS.

Ice Cream Sandwich holds a big chunk at 27.5-percent, but that figure is expected to go down as handsets get upgraded to Jelly Bean. Incredibly, there are still traces of Cupcake, Donut and Eclair roaming around the Google universe, while Froyo still holds over 10-percent of the share.

[via AndroidCentral]

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