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Top TechnoBuffalo Posts of the Week (Nov. 25 to Dec 1, 2012)

by Roy Choi | December 2, 2012December 2, 2012 11:30 am PDT

In case you missed it, here are the top post from TechnoBuffalo last week.

Top 10 Posts from TechnoBuffalo (Nov. 25 - Dec. 1)

Why I Returned My iPad Mini

Because it was too expensive. Is that fair to say? Maybe not. Maybe I should have known what I was getting into when I purchased it in the first place. But here’s the deal: the 16GB model was sold out (I actually walked to the store and picked it up the first day it was […]

iTunes 11: The 5 Best New Features

Have you grabbed Apple’s latest take on iTunes yet? Version 11 is the much-anticipated iTunes revamp that sports a new look and feel, and that new car scent we all love so much… er, maybe not. But today’s release does come with some pretty cool new bits, so let’s take a look at the top […]

Facebook Begging Employees to Switch From iPhones to Android

Facebook, primarily distributed iPhones to employees, rather than Android devices, however that trend seems to shifting as more consumers are using Android devices. Now Facebook is looking to catch up to Android adoption rates. With Android expected to outpace iOS 2 to 1 by 2016, the push is to at least balance the user rates […]

The PC is Dead As We Know It (Macs Included)

Thursday, new data regarding PC sales are down from the same period last year, 25 percent to be exact, Macs are forecasted to be down 7 percent. Even with Windows 8 hitting the shelves and being heavily pushed through marketing and offering free copies to PC-buyers for the a good part of the year, sales […]

My Love/Hate Relationship with Windows Phone 8

I love Windows Phone 8, but I love it in a different way that I love Android or iOS. Instead of acting like a mature dog, knowing when it’s time to play and when it’s time to work, it’s more like a reckless puppy running around my apartment. Don’t dig too deep into my metaphor, […]

Microsoft Inadvertantly Serves Pirates Windows 8 Pro on a Silver Platter

Imagine if a car thief walked into a dealership and was handed the keys to a new automobile, no questions asked. That would be too easy, right? Well, that’s essentially what Microsoft did with Windows 8 Pro when users went to claim their free copy of the Windows Media Center upgrade. One of the unintentional side […]

Can Apple’s iPad Survive?

A new report from ABI Research that suggests Apple’s tablet market share fell 14% during the third quarter of this year to an all-time market share low of 55%. Is that bad news for Apple? Are its Android competitors finally catching up? Based on the figures alone, the simple answer is yes. Apple clearly doesn’t […]

HTC DROID DNA REVIEW: Beautiful, But Does it Have the Brains to Match? (Video)

Our Senior Mobile Editor Todd Haselton had a chance to review the HTC DROID DNA and he was fairly impressed with just about all parts of the phone.  Now Jon R has a video that discusses his time with the HTC DROID DNA. The DNA has an 8-MP camera, 2-MP front-facing camera, a 5-inch 1920 […]

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 REVIEW: Not the Best Tablet at Any Price, But Still Really Good

You have to hand it to Amazon. Instead of tackling the almighty iPad head on, the company bravely introduced a device that, while not necessarily wowing on specs or features, made an enormous impression with its bottom-dollar price. The impact is still being felt, and the industry hasn’t been the same since.Twelve months on, and […]

iPod Nano (2012) REVIEW: Apple Can Still Make One Heck of an MP3 Player

The future is cloud-based. We’re all beginning to rely on streaming music from Internet radio services, and more. We, as consumers, are being shepherded into using cloud-based services and it’s a future built on mobile data, smartphones and a constantly on-the-go lifestyle. Who has time to meticulously file, name and assemble a music collection anymore? […]

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