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How To Retrieve Your YouTube Uploads

by Adriana Lee | December 2, 2012December 2, 2012 10:00 am PST

You see (or create) something of interest, so you shoot that sucker for online posterity. But after the upload to YouTube is complete, a slow creeping dread starts to come upon you. You begin to wonder — “Can I get this back? Or is this forever going to be the province of online streaming?”

Well, wonder no more — yes, you can get it back for your local vault. Hardcore YouTube uploaders have long known about Video Manager, which allows for individually downloaded clips, but there’s also another way to get those treasured videos back (and in batches, no less). details the steps involved, so for a peek at how to do it, courtesy of Google Takeout, just follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Google account, and then go to

2. Look to the navigation bar and hit “Choose services”

Choose services

3. Select “YouTube”

[Note: This process is handy for checking out the various options under Google Takeout, but if you want to directly to the YouTube export page, just visit]

4. Tap “CREATE ARCHIVE.” (You can wait for this to work its magic, or just choose “Email me when ready” to be notified when it’s done.)

Createarchive 0

Email when ready

5. When the archive is done processing, you’ll receive a download link to retrieve all of your uploaded videos.

Depending on how long your videos are and how many you have, it can take awhile. But rest assured, you’ll be able to recover each one and in their original form.

[Via ReadWrite]

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