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YouTube Playlist Brings You Every TV Ad Apple Has Ever Aired

Old orange iMac

When you think of some of the most memorable television ads you’ve seen for consumer electronics, one company that will keep popping into your head is Apple. It brought us the hilarious Mac vs. PC ads, the dancing silhouettes for iPod, and the celebrated ‘1984’ commercial for the original Macintosh that’s widely regarding as the best TV ad ever made.

Apple’s ads are so great, in fact, that you can now find a YouTube playlist that offers every single ad the Cupertino company has ever aired on TV. There are 485 clips in total — dating all the way back to 1977 when Apple was promoting the Apple II, up to its most recent ‘Orchestra’ ad for the iPhone 5.

It’s interesting to take a look back at some of the company’s older products. When you compare the Lisa, for example, with the iMac — Apple’s latest all-in-one — it’s fascinating how things have changed in 30 years. Then there’s the Newton MessagePad, Apple’s original PDA, which looks almost prehistoric when compared with the iPhone.

It’s unclear how long this playlist will stick around; Apple has a reputation for killing things like this. So go enjoy it while you can.

[Via: Cult of Mac]

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