Google Beefs Up GDrive App’s Spreadsheet Editing (iOS, Android) and Chrome for iOS

Got a burning need to edit Google spreadsheets on the fly? Say, for keeping holiday shopping lists, gift budgets or other tasks? If so, then you may be happy to note that Google has imbued its Google Drive apps for iOS and Android with spiffy features for creating, editing and collaborating on spreadsheets (or “Google Sheets”), as well as open/upload files from other apps with the ““Open in…” command. Other handy tidbits include the ability to change fonts, sort and resize columns, see edits from other users in real time, and format/rich text support when copying and pasting from another GDoc.

The company seems to be paying Google Drive quite some attention lately, as it already enabled large file sharing earlier this week. Of course all the goodness isn’t limited strictly to GDrive. Chrome for iOS also got some love too:

  • Ability to open PDFs in other apps
  • Support for saving your boarding passes and tickets with Passbook
  • An option to automatically detect text encoding
  • Stability and security improvements

If you haven’t already snagged the Google Drive updates, you can do so here (iOS) and here (Android). For Chrome, visit the iOS App Store page here.

[Via Official Android Blog, Google Drive BlogGoogle Chrome Releases]



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