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Adobe to Launch Retina Ready Photoshop CS6 on Dec. 11

Adobe is apparently preparing to release a Retina ready version of Photoshop CS6 on December 11. The firm hasn’t come outright and said it just yet, but it has published a teaser video for its Create Now Live event, which will take place on that day and shows “what’s next for Photoshop.” In the video, a CS6 user is working in Photoshop while on a Retina MacBook Pro, as noted by 9to5Mac, which clearly suggests the company plans to offer support in the near future.


Upon closer examination, the site noticed that there are clearly Photoshop elements that have been beefed up for Retina displays. Again, no definite word yet, but Adobe is making it pretty clear at this point. We’ll keep you up to date when it’s officially announced.

[via 9to5Mac]

Todd Haselton

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