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You Can Now Send Your Friends An iTunes Gift Card Over Facebook

Wondering what to get your friends this Christmas? Maybe they live in another town, city, or state and sending them a real gift won’t be easy. Well, if they’re music, TV, or movie lovers, how about sending them an iTunes gift card over Facebook?

Apple and Facebook have teamed up to bring users the ability to send digital iTunes cards over the world’s largest social network. Starting Monday, November 26 — just in time for Christmas — Facebook users can purchase $10, $15, $25, and $50 cards and have them delivered directly to their recipient’s inbox.

What’s more, when you send the card, you can also include recommendations alongside it. So if you know your bestie will love the new Taylor Swift album, you can encourage them to buy it. Of course, the credit could also be used to purchase apps and games from the App Store.

While it may not be the most thoughtful gift, if you have a friend who’s getting an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch this holiday season, it may be an ideal gift.

Will you be sending a digital iTunes card via Facebook this Christmas?

[Via: All Things D]

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