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Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Launch Trailer as Epic as Ever

by Ron Duwell | November 27, 2012November 27, 2012 2:30 pm PDT

EA still keeps pumping resources into Mass Effect, and I’m not really complaining. I’ll gladly take as much from this series as I can before it gets rebooted or continued in the heavily speculated sequel.

In the meantime, Mass Effect 3‘s largest single player DLC package, titled Omega, will be released for today for PSN and XBLA, and the new trailer shows BioWare has not lost their knack for amazing cutscenes.

Shepard’s journeys have crossed paths several times with this derelict space colony known as Omega, mostly when he needs a little assistance from beyond the legal norms of the galaxy. Namely, his “friend” Aria runs the show, seeping her influence into every back channel available on the lawless space station. None come or go without Aria’s leave, and nobody attempts to dethrone her from her position of power.

None except for The Elusive Man. He and his terrorist organization, Cerberus, have overtaken Omega in the recent DLC expansion, and it is a shaky alliance Shepard cannot succeed without. He and Aria must do their best to bring the fight back to The Elusive Man and show him that he has met his match in one angry Asarian witch.

The first female Turian set to make a series debut, Nyreen Kandros will be the Biotic leader of a new group of Turian Mercenaries aiding the recapture of Omega. She is the first totally new character model to appear in quite some time and will be available in the multiplayer as a Turian Hunter class.

Mass Effect is the only series which demands my attention for DLC anymore, and I don’t see any reason to stop throwing money at it. Every time a DLC piece has emerged, I’ve bought it and it’s paid off. I don’t see Omega being any different.

Mass Effect 3: Omega is being released for Xbox Live at 1200 MS points or on PlayStation Network for $14.99.

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