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First Dishonored DLC Gets Price, Date, and New Screenshots

Shame, shame on anyone who says a new IP can’t work during this transition phase into the next console generation. Dishonored is one of the biggest feel good stories of the year, and it is poised to pummel the pessimism out of the nay-saying analysts who doubted it.

Already a critical hit, Dishonored has begun phase two of its release and is following along nicely in the pattern of all the huge annual hits. DLC is just around the corner, and for once, a DLC package might just be worth the price a publisher is asking for.

Dunwall City Trials provides Corvo with 10 new challenge maps to toy around with and plot yet another perfect assassination attempt. Bethesda claims the new maps provide more than just a a few new missions for stab happy shadow dwellers, though. Each map provides multiple goals and challenges beyond simply killing the target.

“Creatively combine your supernatural abilities, weapons and gadgets to eliminate as many targets as possible, fight off waves of tallboys, guards, weepers and thugs, or take out targets in a non-stop run of drop assassinations.’

While it seems like content that could easily be considered standard “horde mode” on any game disc, I’ll let it pass because of the generous pricing point. All of this will be available for the cheap price of only $4.99 or 400 MS points. I don’t remember the last time any DLC cost so little, especially with the replay value Bethesda is putting out with this one.

Two more story based DLC expansions are in with works and will be released next year.

I just started playing Dishonored, and I’m enjoying it so far. $5 is a small price to pay to extend this experience longer. Check out our Dishonored review for our Senior Gaming Editor Joey’s impressions.

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