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Rumor: Wii Getting a Mini Build Next Month

by Ron Duwell | November 26, 2012November 26, 2012 10:30 am PST


The Wii will be getting miniaturized as soon as next month if the report from a recent major retailer proves to be true.

Nintendo World Report claims to have stumbled across an internal release schedule from an undisclosed major retailer that suggests a miniature version of the Wii will be available as soon as next month.

Introducing the Wii Mini! Coming Dec 7 2012!
Compact Nintendo Wii Console
Comes with Sensor Bar, Nunchuk and Wii Remote Plus with Jacket.

The Wii already had a remodeling earlier this year, but the GameCube controller ports were gutted from the machine in the process. Where else can Nintendo cut back on size with the Wii? Who knows how small or cheap they’ll be able to make one now?

I would be tempted since my Wii has suffered from the same graphical glitch for the past five years, and it would be nice to finally replace it. However, GameCube games with the given resolution boost is one of the major reasons I still keep my Wii around. What else am I going to play on it? Wii games?

That Dolphin Emulator is looking cooler and cooler every day anyway, so I would just wait in queue for a shiny new Wii U if you’re that desperate for a new Nintendo console.

Nintendo has replied with nothing by a textbook stonewall answer. They don’t comment on rumors or speculation.

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