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NASA Backtracks, Says Mars Announcement Isn’t Anything Special

by Brandon Russell | November 26, 2012November 26, 2012 9:00 pm PST


That big earth shattering announcement researchers teased last week isn’t going to be anything special, according to NASA. Maybe the Red Planet is a lot less interesting than we initially thought. Maybe there aren’t any buried human (or alien) remains waiting to be found. Or maybe this is some government cover up! Oh, the conspiracies.

The Mars Science Lab team is still presumably going through checks and balances before the actual news is unveiled but, I mean, do we even want to know now? A spokesperson originally said this will be one for the history books, while NPR’s Joe Palca called the find “exciting.” But not so fast.

“It won’t be earthshaking but it will be interesting,” a NASA spokesman said. What a real letdown. Still, any find that provides researchers with new information on the Red Planet, however interesting or not, is another step toward understanding how Mars works. So we probably won’t hear about any alien remains, or hieroglyphics, or the presence of water, but it still might be worth learning about.

[via BoingBoing]

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