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Apple Obtains Rights to Use Lightning Trademark in Europe From Harley-Davidson

by Roy Choi | November 25, 2012November 25, 2012 4:30 pm PST


Apple and Harley-Davidson has agreed to terms to allow Apple to use the term “Lightning” as it pertains to “games and playthings” within Europe.  The Trade Marks and Design Office of the European Union (TMDO) shows trademark number 003469541 has partially been transfer to Apple (trademark number 011399862).

How much Apple likely paid for this transfer is the trademark was not stated. The trademark only applies with the E.U. and does not change the trademark status in the U.S.  Apple unveiled the Apple Lightning connector on September 12, the original Lightning trademark was submitted by Lightning Car Company January 2011 and a notice for allowance application was canceled on September 13.

[CNET via Patently Apple]

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