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Samsung Details Premium Suite Upgrade Heading to Galaxy Note 10.1 (Video)

Samsung is bringing Android 4.1 to its Galaxy Note 10.1 along with a full “Premium Suite” of features. In a video posted to the company’s mobile YouTube channel on Wednesday, Samsung thoroughly details all of the notable improvements coming to the device. And if you own a Galaxy Note II, you’re going to feel right at home, as many of the features mirror what’s on Samsung’s popular phablet.

Above all, Samsung uses the video to push multitasking abilities and features that are exclusive to the Samsung brand: Multi Window, Air View, Quick Command, Easy Clip, Enhanced S and Photo Note, and the benefits of Jelly Bean. As you’d imagine, there’s some heavy stylus use going on, so prepare to get very familiar with the little guy if you haven’t already. Expect the update to roll out soon.

[via AndroidCentral]

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