We Play New Super Mario Bros. U

by Joey Davidson | November 21, 2012

This marks our first “We Play” for Nintendo’s Wii U. Hopefully it’s one of many if the system picks up a great games catalog.

Here’s some good news that we figured out in the process of recording this episode: the Wii U works with the Wii’s component cables. The capturing equipment we currently use does not have an HDMI port, so component is how we get video from our games. If your TV is a little older and doesn’t support HDMI, it seems that the RCA or Component cables you used with the Wii will work just fine.

New Super Mario Bros. U is Mario’s first official foray into the land of HD gaming. The Mushroom Kingdom, as you’ll see in the episode above, looks super crisp and vibrant. The world map is interesting, and the introduction of the MiiVerse is one that will hopefully propel Nintendo’s online gaming community to new heights.

Is this game enough for you to pick up a Wii U?

Joey Davidson

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