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EE Customers in U.K. To Get Free Wi-Fi Access on London Tubes From 2013

by Killian Bell | November 21, 2012November 21, 2012 4:01 am PST

Tube Wi-Fi

If having access to the United Kingdom’s only 4G network wasn’t enough, EE customers are to be handed free Wi-Fi access on London tube trains from early 2013. The carrier announced the deal via its official Twitter feed, but its message was quickly pulled amid speculation that it had gone up too early.

EE’s tweet, which was spotted by Pocket-lint before it vanished, read: “Travel on the tube? From early 2013, EE customers will be able to get WiFi access on the London Underground at no extra cost. Details soon.”

Virgin Media operates the Wi-Fi networks on London tubes, and it’s thought that EE has struck a deal with the company to provide its customers with free access. However, with EE’s tweet pulled so soon after been published, it seems the deal is yet to be completely finalized.

Virgin Media told Pocket-lint that it cannot provide any further comments on the deal at this time, but the site’s report speculates that this may not be an EE exclusive deal, and that customers with other carriers may see it, too. We’ll update you when we know for certain what the details are, of course.

Will you be pleased to get free Wi-Fi on London tubes?

[Via: Pocket-lint]

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