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Apple Releases Two New Commercials for iPhone 5 Entitled ‘Turkey’ and ‘Orchestra’ [Video]

iPhone 5 Thanksgiving pie

Apple released another two commercials for the iPhone 5 on Tuesday, and both have been added to the Cupertino company’s official YouTube channel. One, entitled ‘Turkey’, highlights the advantages of Photo Stream ahead of Thanksgiving. While the other, ‘Orchestra’, demonstrates the handset’s clever microphones.

Like Apple’s previous iPhone 5 commercials, these are voiced by Jeff Daniels, who currently stars alongside Will McAvoy in TV series The Newsroom. ‘Turkey’ comes just before the holiday season, or “picture-taking season,” as Apple calls it, and it showcases the ability to share your images with friends and family via Shared Photo Streams.

The second commercial, ‘Orchestra’, explains how the iPhone 5’s clever microphones block out background noise to provide you with clearer calls. “So when the world gets noisy, calls sound better,” apparently.

What do you think to Apple’s new iPhone 5 commercials?

[Via: YouTube]

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