PSA: Don’t Upgrade Your Apple TV to 5.1 Just Yet

You might not want to upgrade your Apple TV to the latest software release just yet. Plenty of users are reporting that it renders the media device completely useless until they downgrade to the previous release, AppleInsider said Tuesday. You may have already upgraded and aren’t experiencing the issue, in which case you should be fine, but plenty of people seem to be stuck with a device that simply boots to a blank screen and flashes a single LED light.

AppleInsider said the issue first surfaced in late September, but new posts are coming in daily from users who have recently upgraded their Apple TV units. Version 5.1, the latest release, adds support for AirPlay to speakers and includes Photo Streams. Both are totally worthwhile features, but we wouldn’t attempt upgrading until a fix is released. We’ll keep you updated when that happens.

[via AppleInsider]


Todd Haselton

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