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Facebook Rolling Out Photo Sync Option to iOS Devices

Facebook Photo Sync

Facebook is starting to roll out a new photo-syncing option that automatically saves a copy of every image snapped on an iOS device to a folder on Facebook. The folder is private so, in many ways, the service works like Microsoft’s SkyDrive photo option on Windows Phone devices. You’ll simply be able to take an image and a copy of it will be saved online for your viewing later. It won’t be on by default, according to TechCrunch, and users will instead need to open the sidebar inside the iOS Facebook app and check the “Photo Sync” box.

It’s not available for everyone just yet, and users will only get 2GB of storage space, compared to the 7GB that SkyDrive offers. Still, it’s a compelling free option and we bet Facebook begins to offer additional storage for a fee in an effort to boost revenues.

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Todd Haselton

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