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Amazon Hosting Week Long Gaming Sale

by Joey Davidson | November 19, 2012November 19, 2012 8:30 am PDT

In honor of Black Friday and the holiday shopping season, Amazon is hosting a beefy selection of discounts in their gaming store. Tons of games, of both an older and newer variety, are set to go on sale during specific blocks of time starting today at 9:10am PST. The sale will close next Monday at 5:10pm PST.

Unlike their hint-driven lightning deals, Amazon’s game sale plainly displays the exact dates, times, prices and titles for each sale item. That means all you’ll need to do is peruse the offerings and figure out when you need to be on the site.

For instance, I know I’m going to pick up a copy The Sly Collection for $10. That means I’ll take a few minutes out of my day on Thanksgiving around 1:10pm PST in order to snag the game. Simple as that.

Browse the selection for yourselves. Does anything look particularly good or bad? I’ll be skipping Star Wars Kinect at $25, that’s for sure.

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