Hulu's New Video Game Channel Lets You Watch All the Latest Trailers

by Brandon Russell | November 16, 2012

hulu-video-gamesHulu is giving viewers one more reason to visit the site over competing services like Netflix. Aside from its robust library of TV and movies, the streaming company on Friday further extended its media reach by introducing a new hub for video games.

The online destination is basically a place people can visit to see trailers and gameplay videos. For anyone who’s ever visited Hulu, the layout is familiar and easy to navigate. Featured games are prominently displayed at the top, with similarly visible trailers just below as thumbnails; other popular games are directly below those, too.

Clicking on a game will bring up a short description, including developer, genre, platforms and release date. It’s not super flushed out yet, but it’s a pretty cool destination to see trailers and the like. Perhaps it’ll one day become a place Hulu produces original reviews.

[via Hulu]


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