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Google Launches Ingress, Augmented Reality Game for Android

by Joey Davidson | November 16, 2012November 16, 2012 9:00 pm PDT

Augmented Reality games are a bit of a newer concept in the gaming world. What with cameras, often front and rear-facing, becoming a staple in today’s portable tech, the AR genre has had a chance to grow. Google has launched Ingress, an AR game of their own. It’s free and currently in closed beta form.

You’ll carry your phone as you move about your city or town, and you’ll discover a mysterious energy that’s been scattered all over the Earth. By pulling your phone out and tapping on the screen as you view the world, you’ll be able to analyze the area, hack it and collect the energy.

It sounds weird because, well, it is. But, if Ingress catches on, it could be a really neat way to globally game in the real world.

As with all new things Google,  you’ll need an invite in order to try the game out for yourself. Sign up to receive one by visiting The form to enter your email address is located at the base of the game’s home page.

If anyone takes this new AR game for a spin, let us know how it is. The idea is certainly unique.

[via Ingress]

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