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Vodafone U.K. Announces New ‘Red Hot’ 12-Month Plans for Early Adopters

Vodafone UK store

If you’re one of those people who likes to get hold of the latest smartphone every 12 months — like me! — then Vodafone U.K. has the perfect plans for you. They’re called “Red Hot,” and they’re just 12 months in length (rather than the usual 24 months), allowing you to upgrade your handset every year.

As you’d expect, however, there are a couple of catches. First, you only rent your smartphone, so at the end of your 12-month agreement, you have to hand it back. Although that means you won’t be able to sell it on, you will get a brand new handset as a replacement.

Second, the prices for Vodafone’s Ret Hot plans appear to be a little steep at first glance. They range from £47 (approx. $74) to £69 (approx. $109) per month, depending on which smartphone you choose. Then you may have to pay an up-front fee for the device itself.

Some handsets are free, like the 16GB iPhone 5, the 16GB Galaxy S III, and the Galaxy Note II; while others, like the 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5s, and the 32GB Galaxy S III, will cost you between £29 (approx. $46) and £49 (approx. $78) up-front.

However, those prices include unlimited calls and texts, and 2GB of data every month. They also include insurance for your handset, which will ensure it’s repaired or replaced if lost, stolen, or damaged. This can be quite pricey on its own, so when you consider that it’s thrown in as standard, the tariff fees don’t seem all that bad, after all.

Vodafone is currently offering its Red Hot plans in-store only, so you won’t find them online, but we’re expecting that to change later on.

Will you be signing up to one of Vodafone’s new Red Hot plans when your contract is up?

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