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Android Dominating China Smartphone OS Market Share with 90% Grip

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Android has an incredible grip on the smartphone operating system market in China. A new report released by Analysys International suggests that Google’s mobile OS has a 90.1 percent grip of all smartphone operating systems. That’s no doubt thanks to ZTE, Samsung and Huawei, all of which sell smartphones running Android in China.

Apple’s iOS market share is now at 4.2 percent, down from 6 percent last quarter, likely because China’s largest wireless operator, China Mobile, doesn’t yet offer the iPhone. As TNW notes, Nokia’s Symbian platform is continuing to lose share in China and it now has just a 2.4 percent share, down from 6 percent last quarter.

Android is popular not only because it’s rather powerful, but also because it is offered on budget friendly smartphones. The average price of an Android smartphone is now $223, down from $251 last quarter. Symbian smartphones are still cheaper at an average price of $179 while iOS devices cost $726 on average.

You can see why Apple is struggling by those figures alone.

[via TNW]

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