Samsung Has No Plans to Settle with Apple, Exec Says




HTC recently settled a patent dispute with Apple by agreeing to pay it a small fee for each Android smartphone sold. There has been speculation that, since HTC was able to settle, we would soon hear about similar agreements between Motorola, Samsung and Apple. However, one Samsung executive shot down the possibility.

Samsung Electronics head of mobile JK Shin spoke with reporters recently and said “we have no such intention,” when asked if his company planned to settle with Apple in a similar fashion to HTC. Samsung is currently king of the global smartphone market and, while it lost a patent suit in the United States this summer, has had success against Apple in the UK. A judge there recently required that Apple post a letter on its website alerting consumers that Samsung did not infringe on its technology.

Apple and Samsung continue to battle in several other court houses around the globe.

[via AFP]



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