Google TV Updated with Voice Search, PrimeTime App and Revamped YouTube Interface

Google announced on Wednesday that it has officially updated its Google TV application and that the new version will begin rolling out to LG devices in the next couple of weeks. Other Google TV consoles will receive the update in the coming months. The update now allows users to find television content by speaking to the TV using a new Voice Search option. One could say “CNN,” for example, to automatically tune to CNN. Or “Family Guy” to shoot over to the station currently broadcasting that show.

A new PrimeTime feature allows you to browse for other shows while you’re watching another one. “You can quickly flip through the best stuff on live TV, access your favorite channels, see TV shows you recently watched, and find other suggestions based on what you enjoy watching,” Google explained on its blog today. Finally, Google also said it updated the YouTube application on both Android and the Google TV, which it says will make it easier to pair and play a clip from your Android tablet or smartphone to your TV.

[via Google]

Todd Haselton

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