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EA Forms New Studio in Sweden, Ghost

by Joey Davidson | November 14, 2012November 14, 2012 6:30 pm PST

We’ll consider this news of the fortunate and exciting variety, rather than the lame and depressing. Recently, when it comes to reporting on publishers like EA and their development studios, we’ve been running stories that highlight the closure of a branch or a massive round of layoffs.

Today, we’re happy to run a story about the formation of a brand new game design studio. EA Games has founded Ghost in Gothenburg, Sweden. Marcus Nilsson of Battlefield fame is the head of the new studio. While no projects have been announced, the company touts on its official site that they’ll be working closely with the likes of DICE and Criterion, responsible for Battlefield and Need 4 Speed, respectively.

If living or moving to Sweden in order to make games for EA is part of what you’d like to do with your life, Ghost is hiring new talent. Just head to the new site’s official jobs page. They’re currently listing 16 vacancies.

We’ll continue to follow EA Games’ Ghost and let you know whatever new stuff comes from them.

[via Ghost]

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