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IntelliScreenX in Apple’s iOS App Store is Actually a Scam

by Brandon Russell | November 12, 2012November 12, 2012 11:00 pm PDT


A clever iOS developer somehow managed to finagle a completely dishonest app onto the App Store under the same name as popular Jailbreak tweak IntelliScreenX. The ploy here is obvious: Entice customers with a false promise, wrap it up in a nice package, and sell it. What’s underneath the fancy presentation, though, is not even close to what IntelliScreenX really is. How did this sneak through Apple’s screening process?

According to multiple reports, the app residing in Apple’s iOS playground, which runs for $0.99, is merely a clock, and not anywhere close to what’s advertised. The developer, JB Solutions, simply copied over IntelliScreenX’s description and posted the same screenshots you’d find in Cydia — a cruel trick that plays on user naivety.

It’s really strange that something like this even snuck through in the first place given Apple’s strict control over the iOS environment. Whatever the case may be, hopefully it gets pulled soon, or at least changes its name and description. It’s obviously false advertising, and there are already a number of upset buyers leaving nasty reviews (rightly so).

[via CultOfMac]

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