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Touchscreen Voting Machines Changed Votes In Tuesday’s Election

by Adriana Lee | November 8, 2012November 8, 2012 9:00 pm PST

Looks like the voting masses may not be ready for touchscreen ballot technology. Or, more accurately, maybe the tech’s not quite ready for them. On Election Tuesday this week, a Reddit user in Pennsylvania chronicled a bug in the system via video: When he put in a vote for Obama, the vote was registered as Romney’s. Upon seeing the problem, the voter asked around to see if others experienced the same issue, but none did.

According to MSNBC, the machine was flagged and, adds Mother Jones, it got recalibrated and returned to service at the poll place. The Republican National Committee had previously voiced concerned concerns over touchscreen terminals that had the opposite problem, logging Romney votes for Obama.

Luckily they weren’t rolled out pervasively in this election — at least not enough to make a difference in the outcome of Tuesday’s vote — but in the future, more of them could be put into play. Let’s hope by then these kinks get ironed out, and the the course of the nation doesn’t hinge on these machines.

To see the bug in action, check out the YouTube vid below.

Adriana Lee

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