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The Most Retweeted Message of All Time, Courtesy of @BarackObama

At 11:30 PM EST, Barack Obama made history. Not because he won his second term as the President of the United States, but he also reigned victorious over the Twitterverse by beating out Justin Bieber with the most popular tweet ever.

Obama tweet

Within its first half hour, the message and pic nabbed 298,318 retweets (and went on to well over 400k retweets), beating out this one from The Bieb, which had only 223,379, as of this writing.

Bieber retweeted

Next on the list are Green Bay Packers’ offensive linesman T.J. Lang and pro boxer Floyd Mayweather, who didn’t even come close at 98,688 and 89,055 retweets, respectively.

America — ain’t it a kick in the pants?

[Via The Atlantic]

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