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Nokia Lumia 920 Can be Purchased From AT&T Without a Commitment for $450

Nokia Lumia 920 AT&T no commitment

AT&T announced its prices for the Nokia Lumia 920 on Tuesday, but there’s one thing it forgot to mention. The carrier is also offering the new Windows Phone 8 smartphone without a carrier commitment for just $450 via its online store.

That’s not a bad price for the platform’s latest flagship, and it almost encourages customers who are still tied into existing contracts to upgrade early. In fact, it’s $100 less than the Samsung Galaxy S III, and $200 less than the Apple iPhone 5.

What’s unclear is whether the handset is a true SIM-free device that comes unlocked, or whether it’ll still be restricted to AT&T. The carrier doesn’t make it clear on its website, so if you’re thinking about picking one up to use with an existing contract from another network, it’s probably best to double-check before placing your order.

It’s also unclear when pre-orders will start shipping, but the website says that stock is “due today.” The handset will also be available in AT&T stores from November 9.

Will you be picking up the Nokia Lumia 920 without a commitment from AT&T?

[Via: Engadget]

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