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New Shantae Game Coming to the 3DS Shop

When WayForward Technologies is not busy breathing life into extinct franchises, they’re working on their fan favorite platforming series Shantae. The funky genie came out of nowhere as one of the most popular games for the dreaded Game Boy Color during the final days of its lifespan, and Shantae: Risky’s Revenge scored huge with critics and fans as the best reason to sign on with Nintendo’s digital distribution services.

Now she holds the honor of being the one of the final game characters to grace the cover of the beloved Nintendo Power magazine. The long running publication’s penultimate issue sheds light on her upcoming sequel Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse. The spunky heroine was stripped of all her magic at the end of Risky’s Revenge and has turned to a life of piracy to get it back.

The series has always been lauded for its bright visuals and open ended platforming and exploration, a Metroidvania if you will. The latest has Shantae looking for Pirate Gear to make up for her lack of magical abilities. Daggers, Scimitars, Pistols, and, the most awesome gaming tool of all, Grappling Hooks will provide Shantae with an edge in combat as well as more opportunities to explore the world around her.

The game will be released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, following Risky’s Revenge’s trend of being a digital distribution game only.

Expect more from WayForward regarding this game down the line. Be sure to play the first two if you get the chance, because they are some of the best games their platforms have to offer.

Ron Duwell

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