Jailbreak Tweak Lets Users Replace Siri With Google Voice Search

google-search-iosUsing voice recognition in Google Search for iOS is pretty great, and really fast; it’s so elegant, human-like and accurate. It’s a shame the technology isn’t integrated into iOS the way Siri is. With a new Jailbreak tweak called NowNow, though, Apple’s enemy can be called upon by simply holding down the Home button.

Sure, Google Search can’t set an alarm, text a friend or even make a dinner reservation for you. But some people prefer its simple search capabilities over Siri’s sometimes fumbling hit-or-miss personality. The tweak, apparently, gives users the option of selecting alternate methods to bring Google Search up, meaning both it and Siri can exist on your phone in complete harmony.

NowNow is available for free via the BigBoss repository.

[via 9to5Mac]


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